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Public Beta - Disclosure Statement

We will do everything in our power to protect you and your virtual goods. However, the exchange is NOT responsible for ANY bad things that happen to you, your virtual assets, or your LTC. Continued use of this site constitutes an understanding and acceptance of these terms.

Full Release - Disclosure Statement

Litecoin Global Stock Exchange (LTC-GLOBAL) is a fictional fantasy stock market simulation in which participants trade for entertainment and educational purposes only.

LTC-GLOBAL is not a real-world stock exchange and does not offer opportunity for direct real-world investment or profit. While we fully expect listed virtual companies to follow through with their virtual business plans, please KEEP IN MIND AT ALL TIMES -- shares purchased on this virtual stock exchange simulation do not entitle you to legal real-world rights to a listed virtual company as you would expect from a real company.

LTC-GLOBAL operates via our website which acts as a clearinghouse for the trading of LTC-GLOBAL listed virtual assets. The underlying companies are virtual and none of the companies offer "registered" investment quality securities for sale in any form whatsoever. LTC used to purchase virtual stock here are in essence being transferred to the ownership of the person you are buying the virtual shares from, and not LTC-GLOBAL. All stock and shares purchased are for education and entertainment only, and not considered part/whole ownership in any legal entity or real life company.

The terms "profit" and "earnings" and all other securites related terms are used within the context of the website, and any claim of monetary value therein, relates solely and specifically to the valuation of assets within our virtual economic ecosystem.

The LTC "currency" is a virtual computer generated currency, not redeemable for monetary value from LTC-GLOBAL.

LTC-GLOBAL offers no direct opportunity for conversion of (LTC) to legal tender currencies including USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, etc.

Your participation here is not without risk. It is likely you will lose some or all of your LTC in the course of your participation in the site. Only deposit what you are willing and able to lose.

There are additional policies, rules and Terms of Service for participation as published and amended from time-to-time. Please review and fully understand them before trading.

Finally, the operators of LTC-GLOBAL make no representation of any kind regarding the accuracy, fitness for purpose, or use of the software residing on this website. Your use of the software in any manner whatsoever shall constitute an understanding and acceptance of this Disclosure Statement in its entirety. The individuals who operate the software residing on this website offer no warranty and offer no remedies whatsoever for its use or consequence. You play this stock simulation at your own risk.