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Litecoin Global Underwriting Policies

Preamble and Introduction

A) Fundamentally, the purpose of this stock market simulation game is to provide opportunity for companies to raise capital to grow their virtual business. This is accomplished by selling a true .virtual. ownership interest in the company to investors. Such ownership interest is tabulated by the issuance of stock certificates (shares), or bonds to the investor. Each share represents a fractional ownership interest in the company, with all shares collectively representing 100% of the company's ownership, its assets and other entitlements.

B1) Upon such sale of stock, the owners, officers, and executives of the selling company obligate themselves with a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders. Such obligation is inseverable - the rights of shareholders are equal to officers rights on a share for share basis. The shareholders are equity owners of the underlying company and are thus entitled to participate in many corporate governance decisions and ANY distribution of company profits on a pro rata, per-share basis.

B2) Upon such sale of bonds, the owners, officers, and executives of the selling company obligate themselves with a fiduciary responsibility to the bondholders. Such obligation is inseverable - the rights of bondholders are granted in the bond contract and the contract may not be changed without the agreement of all of the bond holders. (Or per the contractual contract alteration requirements)

C) Historically, the role of a stock exchange has been to simply provide an efficient clearinghouse for the transactional transfer of the ownership interest in companies as represented by the issued Stock Certificates (Shares). For a fee, an Exchange collects and distributes the shares and serves in trust as an intermediary in the transfer of value between parties. The clearinghouse/Exchange affords buyers and sellers the ability to quickly and easily transfer ownership interests in the underlying company.

D) In the Real World, such transactions are regulated by a variety of governmental agencies that establish policy and administer rules of conduct for all participants within the market. There are also other governmental agencies that monitor and enforce such policies and rules as a matter of law. To date, within the sometimes peculiar virtual world economy no such regulatory agencies have emerged to independently adjudicate disputes among market participants. The Virtual Stock Exchanges, individual Investors and participating companies have been left to their own resources in that regard, often with abysmal results and ultimately satisfying the needs of none of its participants.

E) The operators of LTC-GLOBAL endeavor to provide a Virtual Stock Market simulation game that equally values the needs of the individual investor and the entrepreneurial desires of companies that market or trade stock on our Exchange. As a self-regulated Exchange, we seek to find an equitable balance between the competing interests of the counter-parties without asserting undue influence on the overall market. At best, this is a delicate dance - the principals of LTC-GLOBAL collectively own a large percentage of the authorized and issued shares of the various companies that trade here, and also often hold positions of significant influence as Board Members and Directors of several companies that trade here.

F) We encourage articulate debate and discourse where practical. Our Policy revisions are usually a direct result of such discourse, however, investors and officers alike must remain mindful that we, as a body, generally lack the authority and regulatory framework to resolve many conflicts. All participants here are cautioned therefore to self-monitor and mitigate their own risks as we are unlikely to be able to help you recover your virtual currency in the event of a catastrophic company failure, underwriting deficiency, fraud, or changes in policies as implemented, administered and supported by LTC-GLOBAL.

Operating Context

Litecoin Global (LTC-GLOBAL) is a fictional stock market simulation game for educational and entertainment purposes owned and operated by LTC-GLOBAL project shareholders. As an entity, LTC-GLOBAL operates within the virtual online internet environment via our website at

The virtual currency environment includes a "Currency" called "LTC". As specified in the open source LTC client and official website, the LTC "currency" is a limited use experiment in cryptographic virtual currency, and is not redeemable for monetary value from it's creators. Similarly, LTC-GLOBAL offers no capability for conversion of (LTC) to legal-tender currencies including $USD. LTC-GLOBAL is NOT affiliated with the LTC programming team.

LTC-GLOBAL as designed and offered is a SERIOUS SIMULATION. The participants here PLAY FOR KEEPS. Their time commitment and LTC-based holdings represent a considerable investment in LTC and our community. As such, the IPO UNDERWRITING and CONTINUED LISTING POLICIES described herein will be ENFORCED VIGOROUSLY by LTC-GLOBAL Management.

Collectively, these and other Policy Documents as published and ammended from time-to-time shall constitute our RULES and REGULATIONS and TOGETHER IN WHOLE OR IN PART shall be used as the primary and authoritative resource for administrative decisions, enforcement and dispute resolution for any issues that may arise in LTC-GLOBAL's daily operation.

In the absence of a definitive RULE, the decisions of LTC-GLOBAL Management shall prevail at its sole discretion. Your use of the software loaded at in any manner constitutes acceptance of these terms unconditionally and without reservation to any provision herein.

General Definitions

INVESTOR -Any LTC-GLOBAL REGISTERED USER who "BUYS", "SELLS" or "TRADES" the "STOCKS", "SHARES", "SECURITIES", "CERTIFICATES", "LTC" or any other "UNIT OF MEASURE" offered in whole or part via the website.
MEMBER COMPANY - Any "ENTITY" or "ORGANIZATION" (fictitious or otherwise) that "OFFERS FOR SALE, TRANSFER OR TRADE" ANY "OWNERSHIP INTEREST or INVESTMENT" in any manner (whole or fractional) via the website.

PUBLIC COMPANY - Any "ENTITY" or "ORGANIZATION" (fictional or otherwise) whose "FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP INTERESTS" (ie; STOCK or SHARES) are "OFFERED FOR SALE, TRANSFER OR TRADE" in whole or part via the website.

AFFILIATE - Any "ENTITY" or "ORGANIZATION" (fictional or otherwise) that offers "SERVICES" (regardless of compensation) as an "AGENT", "BROKER", "MARKET-MAKER", etc. IN COOPERATION and WITH PERMISSION of LTC-GLOBAL.


OFFICER or EXECUTIVE - Any Person (REAL, FICTICIOUS, or AVATAR) having fiduciary or administrative responsibility regardless of title (OWNER, CHAIRMAN, CEO, etc.) of any entity as conferred by a "CHARTER", "PROSPECTUS", "VOTE" or any other method.

SHAREHOLDER - Any Person (REAL, FICTICIOUS, or AVATAR) having a RIGHTFUL CLAIM to any FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP INTEREST in a PUBLIC COMPANY as evidenced by any RIGHTFUL CLAIM or possession of "STOCKS", "SHARES", etc. representative thereof.

STOCK EXCHANGE - As used herein, all of the software that "RECORDS", "TABULATES" and otherwise facilitates "INTERMEDIATION and TRANSFER" of any "UNIT OF MEASURE" between transactional counter-parties via the website.

CURRENCY - As used herein, exclusively "LTC" (or simply Ł), a limited-license right "UNIT OF MEASURE" offered by LTC developers. LTC is the SOLITARY "CURRENCY" supported by LTC-GLOBAL at this time.

General Rules

A) LTC-GLOBAL is a SERIOUS SIMULATION. The participants here PLAY FOR KEEPS and their time and LTC-based holdings represent a considerable investment in our community. Persons who take on the RESPONSIBILITY of operating a PUBLIC VIRTUAL COMPANY are OBLIGATED to perform their DUTIES as OFFICERS and/or EXECUTIVES and additionally have a FIDUCIARY OBLIGATION to PROTECT the OWNERSHIP INTERESTS of the company's SHAREHOLDERS. Such OBLIGATIONs are NOT SEVERABLE.

B) Public Company Shareholders are indeed OWNERS of the company and are ENTITLED to certain RIGHTS (INCLUDING sharing in ANY PROFIT DISTRIBUTION, having an EQUAL VOICE in the GOVERNANCE of the Company INCLUDING Election of OFFICERS and ANY DECISION that may MATERIALLY effect the company's BUSINESS STRATEGY, CAPITALIZATION PLAN or any other significant event that may impact the ongoing viability, sustainability or survivability of the entity. Such RIGHTS may NOT be SEVERED by OFFICERS or EXECUTIVES without DUE PROCESS in the event of a legal dispute, or for ANY OTHER REASON without FAIR and EQUITABLE COMPENSATION to the SHAREHOLDER(s) as DETERMINED by a MAJORITY VOTE of Shareholders.

C) SHAREHOLDERS as OWNERS of a public company are OBLIGATED to act IN GOOD FAITH with regard to the company and its operation, including GUARDING TRADE SECRETS, MARKETING STRATEGIES, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, or ANY OTHER UNANNOUNCED (Non-Public) INFORMATION that may be divulged through private conversations with company Officers, Executives, Board Members, employees, consultants or any other party to such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Such OBLIGATION can ONLY BE DISCHARGED by DISPOSESSION of the SHARE OWNERSHIP INTEREST (either by death, surrender, sale, trade or any other transfer of the underlying shares to another party).

D) The website operates as a non-fiduciary clearinghouse providing transactional intermediation between private parties that trade "SHARES" and "LTC". The Terms "PROFIT" and "EARNINGS" as used within the context of the website and any other claim of monetary value therein relates solely and specifically to the valuation of LTC as defined by the LTC developers. Regardless, in some jurisdictions such transactions or trades may be subject to taxation as REGULAR or INVESTMENT INCOME. ANY consequence including taxation or Income reporting requirements for such transactions are the sole responsibility of the counter parties and NOT LTC-GLOBAL. Please consult with your own Accountant or Tax Advisor should you have any questions regarding this Rule.

Underwriting Policies

Thank you for considering listing your company on the website. Our Underwriting Policies and Guidelines for submitting an IPO APPLICATION are defined below. Before Submitting an application as an IPO CANDIDATE please thoroughly familiarize yourself with our IPO UNDERWRITING POLICIES. This policy describes our minimum underwriting requirements, our IPO process, review criteria, and a general timeline for our evaluation of your submittal.

IPO Applicants should fully understand our "CONTINUED LISTING REQUIREMENTS" which outline the OBLIGATIONS and FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITIES you would have to SHAREHOLDERS should you successfully complete an IPO and commence trading as a PUBLIC VIRTUAL COMPANY.

The TIME required to be successful here OFTEN exceeds 10-15 hours OR MORE per week!

Your RESPONSIBILITIES and OBLIGATIONS to LTC-GLOBAL are also described herein, including our COMPLIANCE and ENFORCEMENT POLICIES, FEES and FINES YOU and/or your COMPANY could be subject to should you violate our RULES. ONLY accepts and considers IPO APPLICATIONS for entities that operate EXCLUSIVELY WITH LTC VIRTUAL CURRENCY. At LTC-GLOBAL's sole discretion, this may INCLUDE LTC COMMERCE WEBSITES and/or ONLINE BLOGS or PERIODICALS or other PUBLICATIONS whose editorial content predominately supports the LTC community.

As a general Guideline, we tend to disqualify or reject most START-UP companies that have no operating history or existing revenue base. These types of businesses have historically experienced extremely high failure rates as Public Virtual Companies. However, IF your business concept is of exceptional merit and includes well-defined objectives and reasonably achievable financial goals, LTC-GLOBAL may be able to help you secure private venture funding to launch your company. DOES NOT ACCEPT OR CONSIDER IPO APPLICATIONS that endeavor to pursue entrepreneurial opportunites unrelated to LTC. LTC-GLOBAL will DISQUALIFY and REJECT "out-of-hand" without reservation any IPO Application that purports to offer any opportunity for real world monetary gain.

IF your company is currently listed on another LTC Stock Exchange and you are contemplating MOVING and RELISTING your COMPANY at, PLEASE, contact us PRIOR TO ANNOUNCING OR DISCLOSING YOUR INTENT. Our Underwriting policies DIFFER SUBSTANTIALLY from other Exchanges and we generally move rather pragmatically as a result. We welcome opportunities to discuss the merits of your company and ours, and the potential benefits and risks inherent in contemplating such a move, and will assure complete *CONFIDENTIALITY and NON-DISCLOSURE* with respect to such dialogue.

As a self-regulating entity, LTC-GLOBAL vigorously monitors and enforces its policies. We do this NOT so much as a punitive action against our member-companies but rather as part of a good-faith effort on behalf of Investors who've often had litte voice in the LTC Virtual Finance Community and on occassion an even still smaller voice in the governance of the companies who trade within the LTC Virtual Finance Community.

The depth and breadth of LTC-GLOBAL policies have been specifically ammended effective November 1, 2012 as part of a broad attempt to fundamentally change the status quo within our at-large community. Our forward success will be determined largely by the willingness and ability of our MEMBER-COMPANIES and our INVESTORS to ABIDE BY THESE POLICIES.

Candidate Requirements

LTC-GLOBAL IPO CANDIDATE COMPANIES must write up and present as part of their application a well thought out Business Plan.

LTC-GLOBAL BOND CANDIDATE COMPANIES must write up and present as part of their application a well thought out Bond Contract.

By Definition, the Appliciant (Owner, President, or CEO) is responsible FOR/TO the SHAREHOLDERS above ALL else. The Applicant is also responsible for articulating the strategic Business Plan, and for oversight of all other Company Officers.

The Applicant, Owner, President, or CEO is responsible for the company's operational performance and tactical execution of the Business Plan.

The Applicant, Owner, President, or CEO is responsible for the Financial performance of the company, and particularly for producing and distributing an accurate INCOME STATEMENT and BALANCE SHEET each month.

At company formation, the Applicant, Owner, President, or CEO MUST DEFINE a BUSINESS SUCCESSION PLAN that clearly and definatively articulates a strategy for either the CONTINUATION OF THE BUSINESS AS AN ONGOING CONCERN or LIQUIDATION OF ITS ASSETS IN A MANNER PREFERENTIAL TO NON-OFFICER SHAREHOLDERS in the event that an OFFICER OR FOUNDER exits the business unexpectedly.


ALL VIRTUAL COMPANY OFFICERS must be articulate and fluent in the English Language.

For FRAUD PREVENTION PURPOSES, at LTC-GLOBAL's discretion, We MAY REQUIRE ... that CANDIDATE OFFICERS submit VERIFIABLE DOCUMENTATION evidencing your REAL LIFE IDENTITY, AGE, LOCATION and CONTACT INFORMATION as a pre-condition and as an ongoing requirement use of Please Note: LTC-GLOBAL will SAFEGUARD ANY SUCH INFORMATION to the best of its ability pursuant to the PRIVACY POLICY and subject to the conditions and exceptions therein.


Asset Issuer Terms of Service:

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Executive Summary This section should:
  • Provide an enthusiastic snapshot of your company, explaining who you are, what you do and why.
After reviewing this section the reader should:
  • Want to learn more about your business.
  • Have a basic understanding about your company.
Business Description This section should include:
  • Mission statement (business purpose).
  • Company vision (statement about company growth).
  • Business goals and objectives.
  • Brief history of the business.
  • List of key company principals.
After reviewing this section the reader should know:
  • Who the business is and what it stands for.
  • Your perception of the company’s growth & potential.
  • Specific goals and objectives of the business.
  • Background information about the company.
Definition of the Market This section should:
  • Describe your business industry and outlook.
  • Define the critical needs of your perceived or existing market.
  • Identify your target market.
  • Provide a general profile of your targeted clients.
  • Describe what share of the market you currently have and/or anticipate.
After reviewing this section the reader should know:
  • Basic information about the industry you operate in and the customer needs you are fulfilling.
  • The scope and share of your business market, as well as who your target customers are.
Products and Services This section should:
  • Specifically describe all of your products and services.
  • Explain how your products and services are competitive.
  • If applicable, reference a picture or brochure of your products, which would be included in the plan’s appendix.
After reviewing this section the reader should know:
  • Why you are in business.
  • What your products and services are and how much they sell for.
  • How and why your products & services are competitive.
Organization and Management This section should:
  • Provide a description of how your company is organized as well as an organization chart, if available.
  • Describe the legal structure of your business (proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.).
  • Identify necessary or special licenses and/or permits your business operates with.
  • Provide a brief bio description of key managers within the company.
After reviewing this section the reader should know:
  • The legal form of ownership for your business.
  • Who the leaders are in your business as well as their roles.
  • The general flow of operations within the firm.
Marketing Strategy This section should:
  • Identify and describe your market – who your customers are and what the demand is for your products & services.
  • Describe your channels of distribution.
  • Explain your sales strategy, specific to pricing, promotion, products and place (4Ps).
After reviewing this section the reader should know:
  • Who your market is and how you will reach it.
  • How your company will apply pricing, promotion, product diversification and channel distribution to sell your products and services competitively.
Financial Management This section should include:
  • For a New Business
    • Estimate of start-up costs.
    • Projected balance sheet (1 year forward).
    • Projected income statement (1 year forward).
    • Projected cash flow statement (12 months forward).
    • Current personal financial statement on each principal.
  • For an Existing Business
    • Balance sheets (last 3 years).
    • Income statements (last 3 years).
    • Cash flow statement (12 months).
    • Current personal financial statement on each principal.
After reviewing this section the reader should:
  • Have a good understanding regarding the financial capacity and/or projections for your company.
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