Trading has been permanently frozen for the site wind down.

Welcome to, the LTC Virtual Stock Exchange*
  from BTC Trading Corp.

Website Shutdown Update - Site Logins Disabled


Logins have been been disabled according to the winding down plan. Our next step is to process final withdrawals for everyone. We hope to have that completed before Nov 8.

Website Shutdown Update - Trading Halted


Trading has been halted according to the winding down plan. We will update the site code shortly to allow transfers to and from asset issuers on a per-issue basis where necessary.

Website Shutdown Announcement


As a result of recent changes in the virtual currency regulatory environment, the and virtual stock market websites will be closing down.  The following is our current schedule:

  1. Approximately a week ago, both sites were closed to any new users and new asset creation was disabled.
  2. Effective immediately, in conjunction with this release, trading will be halted, all order books cleared, and trading re-enabled.
  3. October 7, 2013, all forms of secondary market trading will be halted on both sites.
  4. Approximately October 31, 2013, both sites will be taken offline.  It is strongly suggested that participants take the following steps to protect all of their virtual assets:
    1. All participants should take steps to transfer all of your BTC and LTC (and any other data you wish to keep, such as CSV trade histories) held on the sites to your personal computer or another trusted site.
    2. All participants should make sure that their public BTC or LTC address is properly set in the Account page on the Settings tab whereby it can be shared with all issuers.
    3. All “issuers” should have the contact information concerning their “investors”, and we ask that all “issuers” communicate with their “investors” as soon as possible as to how they will ensure that all are treated appropriately.

We regret this development. However, we want to do everything we can to minimize problems arising from this transition.  It is our goal to keep this shutdown orderly and calm.

Thank you for your participation, creativity, loyalty and sense of community over the past year.  Additional communications will follow as we work out the details.

Ethan Burnside
BTC Trading Corp.

LTC-GLOBAL Posted: 5 months ago

I was going to wait until the end of the month in case there was a good value site sale, but with LTC at an all-time high I didn't want to wait any longer to get everyone their buyout coins.

Thus, in a few minutes I will finsh the closeout of LTC-GLOBAL with a 20 LTC/share buyback.

Thank you everyone for your support though this ordeal.

TABITA Posted: 6 months ago
TABITA moving to

Dear Investors

We moved to, and I am rebuilding the shareholders list there, so I ask you to register and send me an email with your litecoinglobal email address and your litecoininvest username, for me to send you your shares.

At this time I received a little number of contacts to my email, and I think the reason is that it is not published very well.

My email is shienkook (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you

TRIPLE-B-MINING Posted: 6 months ago
Private bond holder continuance

Triple B Mining will be in contact with all 'bagholding' bond holders from before buyback individually to arrange appropriation and with all relevent information present.

Please note all funded LTC from IPO was used at time of purchase only days before the large record LTC correction in feb/march and the second purchase only became possible after BTC price spiking in april.

6x BFL's Jalas were not ordered until late APRIL due to no physical proof and only became possible after a third surge in BTC price. These devices still have not arrived.

All redevelopment wallets were utilized for repairs and GPU upgrades or repurchase of ASIC after non delivery.

All outgoings were paid by me privately. Including over $3800 in power bills, Rent, relocation.

Loufie's 10% was sacrificed repeatedly to make up short falls in equipment cost.

Loufie maintained all equipment 24/7 365 days.

I'm lazy and need an accountant - This is completely my fault for transperency issues. I acknowlege this and know better next time to hire someone.

One last thing. I had drained all resources by the time Avalon #1 was delivered so late that the only way to ensure that the power would be paid in August was to test and mine for 6 days. This was used to explore pool payout methods, get familiar with the machine and upgrade firmware and get a decent rythm up of BTC payouts. All this coin was used to pay the last $2000 power bill in August. I announced that it was stuck in customs so to not cause a fuss and harrassment. This was a nessecity to keep the bond running. This is well known as a 'Pre-mine'. I lied to bond holders after extreme pressure versus survival. There is no hidden stash of crypto. I missed the correction. I've lost out more than anyone but that was my job.

The investment on here failed. But we will ride it out to the end...

I shall be in contact.

Loufie Churchill

OPCU Posted: 6 months ago
Moving to

Dear investors

Because the problems with LTC Global, and the very near closure of the exchange, we finally moved to another Litecoin exchange. It is in beta stage, but it is pretty good and has been advanced very fast in development.

We invite you to move to the new exchange, and create your account using the same email you registered here in Litecoin Global.

Once you registered yourself in the new exchange, please send me an email at telling me to transfer your shares.

Thank you for your help

Mario (osoverflow)

LTC.MINER Posted: 6 months ago
LTC.MINR relisting on

Hi everyone,

I'd like to post some updates on current LTC.MINER status. We have been in contact with several major issuers on LTC.Global about relisting our asset and there are several possibilities for us:

1. Ethera has rolled out his stock exchange

2. Kate is doing her own exchange is far as I'm concerned.

As LTC.Global is going off in a few days and we recently paid the final dividends on this platform, please make sure you withdraw your balance from your account here.

We still have 11 shareholders without their public address on the account, I kindly ask you to fill in this information.

As of now, I've created a listing on litecoininvest. The contract terms were taken from LTC.Global, as nothing has changed basically. The transition will be done manually, so it might delay the next week dividends, as we will be using the new platform for payouts. As soon as everyone is in there will be no interruptions, as usual.

Before the burnside's announcement, we have passed a motion on increasing the hashrate per bond up to 0.55KH/s and adding 1MH/s of BTC hashing power to it. This will take place once all the shareholders will be moved to a new platform and 50% of the 3rd batch is sold.

I hope you will enjoy trading on a new platform and if you have any concerns against it - let me know asap.

If you need any help or have any questions - do not hesitate to contact me - facade.di [at]

PS: You will be getting personal emails during this week, so if you have already made your account on the new platform and have your shares credited there - you may just ignore it.



LTC.MINER Posted: 6 months ago
LTC.MINR relisting on

LTC.LT-MINE Posted: 6 months ago
Last call to those who didnt claim their shares

Good day,

As you all know we migrated to Most of you did claim already all the shares that belong to you. But there is still 193 unclaimed shares, which can be claimed at any time if you write from your email which you had registred in litecoinglobal, with account name in our new home where you should register.

This is the last warning and last email from litecoinglobal platform, todays dividents are already being prepared on


LTC.MINER Posted: 6 months ago
Week 21 dividend payment

We would like to say thanks for your support and to let you know that we've just scheduled a dividend payment of 0.002273405 LTC on LTC.MINER asset. So far this would be last dividend payment through LTC Global.

Please find the attached calculation on recent payment on Week 21 tab :

We would like to thank you again for your support and we are looking forward for further cooperation. Litecoin Global is closing and we dont know what would be the next public exchage where LTC Miner would be listed, but we hope that everithing will go good and we would find another great place and community!


LTC-GLOBAL Posted: 6 months ago
Update for Shareholders

A couple of things:

- Buyback is still on the table. We are buying back LTC-GLOBAL shares at 20 LTC/ea. Just transfer them to user "ltcglobal" on the exchange before Oct 31.

- Bids for the site code are in. I'm working with a couple of bidders to pin down their actual bid. (they had given a range.) Bottom line however is that even the top bid is not going to add up to enough to cover our legal fees unless the price of BTC doubles. BTC Trading is going to have to take out another loan from Burnside to wrap up our legal issues.

- As soon as I am allowed to I will post a summary of events over the last several months. However, we expect it to be a couple more months before things are wrapped up.

Thank you.

LTC.LT-MINE Posted: 6 months ago
Migrating and dividents on new platform

Good day everyone,

Todays dividents are witheld till tomorrow morning, when we will be asking you all to create account on new platform that we are migrating to. For that moment you will receive an email with all information on how the migration and transfer will go.



The terms of service have been modified. Please read up on the new terms here: Terms of Service.

Ok, so what's unique about LTC-GLOBAL?
  • Trading of assets in LTC.
  • Only site on which you can own proxy shares of BTC Trading Corp.
  • We're community operated. Asset approval and scoring is done by community moderators.
  • We are the only exchange that provides Asset Issuers complete lists of shareholders email addresses and share counts in a manner that makes it trivial to continue operations if the exchange shuts down.
  • We're the only virtual coin exchange with an OAuth 1.0a API, allowing full three-legged operation.
Litecoin Global key features:
  • Trade Virtual STOCKS, BONDS, & FUNDS.*
  • Simple, easy to learn interface.
  • *NEW* Trade options on all assets.
  • Per-transaction fee of just 0.25%. (Transaction * 0.0025)
  • Comprehensive portfolio page, see the current value of all your assets.
  • Emailed trade confirmations, notifications, etc.
  • *NEW* Dividend reinvestment program. Configure your reinvestment strategy in the Portfolio Dividends tab.
  • JSON API for querying security value and trade data.
  • OAuth 1.0a API for authenticated portfolio access and trading.
  • Community owned. (, ticker LTC-GLOBAL)
  • 2-Factor authentication using Google Authenticator.
  • Free transfer of LTC between accounts.
  • Free transfer of assets between accounts.
  • You can set your timezone. When logged in, all times adjust accordingly.
  • *NEW* Complete account history available as a downloadable CSV.
  • Withdrawal fee is now 0 LTC per transaction.  (plus anything litecoind automatically adds.)
  • Dividend scheduler. Plan your future dividends where your shareholders can publicly see them.
  • Asset notifications. Asset owners can notify all shareholders of important events via email.
  • Motions. Asset owners can post motions and all asset holders can vote.
  • Asset Moderation System. Assets are moderated by community members, no single authority holds all the control.
  • Ability to temporarily stop trading on your asset when you have big announcements.
  • Optional Public Portfolio. You can turn on an option that makes your portfolio public. Share your investing prowess with your friends!
  • Create your own security for just 150 LTC.

The Unofficial App for Android!

raad287 has released an Android App on Google Play called the "The Unofficial LTC-GLOBAL App".

Check it out and download it on Google Play at:


Litecoin Global Development TODO, sorted by priority:
  • FAQ: Tab for options in the FAQ
  • Wallet: No withdrawals for the first 7 days after opening an account.
  • Wallet: Disable internal transfers if no 2FA has been setup.
  • Portfolio: Analysis of past sales... (by day?)
  • Portfolio: Ability to transfer options.
  • Portfolio: Disable transfers of shares if no 2FA has been setup.
  • Portfolio: My analysis page take into account premium on options purchases.
  • Security page: Bid options
  • Security page: Per-Security Support Requests
  • API: Options trading
  • All forms: randomly generated codes to prevent duplicate form submissions.
  • Options: option to auto-execute the trade at expiration if it's in the money
  • Login page: Display last login ip
  • Site SSL: Look into an EV Cert (thx coinx)
  • Portfolio page: Site actions log
  • Security page: CSV all-time trade history (thx anonadeus)
  • Security page: 2FA on options trading
  • Security page: Stop Loss orders
  • Portfolio page: Summary of recent notifications for assets you hold.
  • Accounts page: Setting to allow users to reserve their balance site-wide, rather than per-asset. (thx Smoovius)
  • Accounts page: Setting to allow users to receive a daily email summarizing their portfolio content.
  • API: RSS trade feed
  • API: Add the username to transfers in the trade history. Currently it only says "transfer-out" or "transfer-in", but not to or from who.
  • Oauth API: include api key in portfolio request or some other request
  • Auto-logout after 15 minutes, with countdown timer.
  • API: read-only scope for viewing just the portfolio
  • API: write options, purchase, sell options
  • Security Page: Editable field for shareholder-only information.
  • News: Option to limit to shareholders only.
  • Security Page: Asset Issuer: Cancel motions.
  • Footer: Link to fees table.
  • Security Page: Downloadable PDF Contract/Prospectus.
  • Security Page: Calculator that is aware of the order book.
  • Security Page: Portfolio tab for assets that flag their portfolios as public.
  • Account Page: Allow auto withdraw for sales, dividends, and when your balance goes over a threshold. (thx SebastianJu)
  • Security Page: New "hidden" order status for unfunded orders, rather than deleting them.
  • Security Page: Support for splits. (thx osoverflow)
  • Portfolio Page: Favorites List.
  • All trades: Post to twitter feed?
  • Support for auto-dividend dispersal account addresses. (thx PeanutPower)
  • ?possible? Security Page: Asset issuer ID verification.
  • ?? Reasonable suggestions ??
Things that have been suggested and we decided not to do:
  • Kick-backs for asset issuers with large volume, eg, 0.5% of transaction fees for assets with over 10k/mo in volume. (thx EMIF) -- (probably not going to do this. it would encourage asset issuers to generate transactions by intentionally inducing volatility --burnside)
  • Security Page: Support for reverse splits. (thx osoverflow) (probably not going to do this... too difficult to resolve partial shares.
Site Code 4 Sale!
The code that ran and is up for sale.  The sale will not include the servers, the domains, or any database data, but will include:

- The actual code that ran the site.
- Patch files for the custom patches made to bitcoind / litecoind.
- Example Apache config files.
- MySQL table schema as a *.sql.
- Cron scripts and example crontab files.
- Data import scripts.
- Data export scripts.  (including backup scripts)

Most of you probably already know this, but the API functionality is well utilized and has been integrated with many 3rd party projects and sites such as btcjam, various charting sites, several mobile apps, various trade bots, etc.  So you will get out of the box compatibility with many of the community's best works.

It can all be run on a single server but for performance and security reasons I recommend the following configuration:

- An apache / php / memcache / cronjob server.
- A hot wallet server. (behind a firewall that only allows incoming access from the webserver)
- A MySQL server. (also behind a firewall that only allows access from the webserver)
- A remote linux box to run the cold wallet / manual withdrawals.  (has to run the apache/php stack, plus local cold wallet, should be able to be taken offline between withdrawal processing runs.)

We highly recommend an complete understanding of crypto coin daemons, linux, apache, php, cron, memcache, mysql, encrypted filesystems, network firewalls, etc before trying to operate a site of this complexity and magnitude.

Unless the code is modified to conform with legal requirements of the United States Government, (probably not currently possible, but for instance, if you made up your own currency instead of using an established cryptocurrency it might be legal) any purchaser of the code will have to agree to block US citizens from any site utilizing the code.

If you are interested in the site code, please fill out the following and submit a bid via email to

Name: (actual person's name)
Address: (street, city, province, postal code, country, etc)
Phone: (w/ country prefix please)

I agree to block US citizens: YES / no

Proposed use of the code:

Best possible offer:  XX BTC or XX LTC

LTC-GLOBAL revenue shares currently held:

Let us know via email to if you have any questions.

If we get a really great offer we may close bidding early.  Otherwise I expect bidding to run through Oct 21st, at which time we will evaluate the highest bids and a determination will be made as to whether the purchase price makes sense when weighed against the legal costs associated with assembling a purchase agreement.


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* This is a virtual stock exchange using virtual currency. Virtual goods utilized on this site are for entertainment and educational purposes only.